‘I Sing the Body Electric’

is a part of Walt Whitman’s magnum opus, [in which] praises of the human body are sung.

Yet our bodies are just the physical representations of Ourselves. We are electric, energized, and alive because

we are

* Mind * Body * Soul * Spirit *

At a time when most of us are simply seeking peace in our communities, for our families, and for ourselves, perspective is key. And the abundance we seek is as accessible as our own thoughts–available completely when understood in the context of our holistic needs: mind, body, soul, spirit, and community.

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I had been a SAHM for 15+ years, raising four boys born within five-and-a-half years of each other. I dabbled in interests (and even higher degrees) while my husband, Todd, grew the family business.

In a flash, I am in my early 50s and it is time to step back and support rather than guide our kids to seek their own, unique paths. How can I put all of MY experiential knowledge–in making connections by looking deep enough to truly see others and appreciate and learn from their insights and offerings–to use and feed it directly into my own purpose with joy? Along with Todd and the help of the villages we align with, I feel successful in embracing the responsibility of raising good citizens–if I can locate and partner with communities to do that at this time in history, what else can I do, especially as a part of a tribe?

The Body Electric Project

So here are some questions for you:


How do you expand your thoughts? How do you engage in learning and growing?


How do you fully nourish your vessel? Do you have knowledge of new ways to eat clean, local food, and drink uncontaminated, super-charged water?


How do you clear your head and enlighten your soul? What lifts you up?


If these questions resonate with you then sit for a while! We will talk about everything from the awareness of living in the moment to raising boys and releasing them into the world at large. I’ll tell you how much I love listening to and telling stories (especially around the fire pit), happy accidents, essential oils, hot yoga, and making things with my hands. You’ll share stories of garden wins and fails, ocean jumping, and road trips. We’ll throw our heads back and laugh so hard we snort. It will be the best of times. I’m so glad you’re here…

*     *     *     *

…because I’ve made a decision. I have become aware that the future I’ve dreamt of creating is built as a sustainable culture that can grow from my personal vision of service and opportunity as an innovative and inspiring community of like-minded friends. I feel called to leave a legacy that would offer me absolute time and financial freedom to travel whenever/wherever our boys settle and grow families and to be present in their lives. In other words, a legacy that will long outlive me and continue to multiply its reach every year thereafter. Welcome to the realization of the foundation of that vision–now let’s discover yours and evolve together.

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