My focus (home-work) for this week is Accountability. 

The Freedom of Non-Attachment

This is appropriate for the month of Elul on the Hebrew calendar. As Jews, it leads to our High Holidays–a powerful opportunity for reflection and repentance. In my eyes, it is also uniquely significant in the Fall as we release false ideation. Each of us experiences and interprets this season in a personal way. l find it to be an optimal time to remember the freedom of Non-Attachment (to my flowers, fresh summer foods, the warm sunshine, and especially, our children). This is my intention–not as a means to hold OTHERS accountable, but as a gift. It is a time to look inward (because, after all, whatever I am focused on, positive OR negative, I am directly and loudly calling in from the Universe). 

Entitlement is the thief of Joy

For me, the antithesis of Accountability is Entitlement, which is also the thief of Joy. I have also noticed lately that my lack of patience (which shows up in how I scornfully label this in others–for example, the pick-up line at the high school or someone else’s opinion of my choices) is just a reflection of my own lack of accountability (but then again, what isn’t?). And yet I also recognize that even when I am judging the actions of others it is coming from inside of ME. This is the only perspective I have complete access to.

The Gratitude of Intention

Today I started my day with the sunrise over the lake. I am so privileged to witness this phenomenon. I practiced yoga in my dreamy sunroom with my husband, closest friend, and generous teacher. When I do this, I activate my spirit, my energy, and my gratitude–it is that simple. I spent a little bit of time with my youngest before he left for school for the day. I filled my coffee carafe and glass with the water I am grateful to have access to. I rinsed in a shower with the same mineral-rich elixir. After a weekend surrounded by people I enjoyed–with and without a shared history–I will settle into a day I have purposefully left open to my flow. But what about those days when I stay in bed a little longer?

On those mornings, it takes me hours of wasted energy) to connect with myself (and those around me) outside of my own head. My creativity wanes rather than flows. Similar to when I eat the foods that in the past I would regret. Today I plug into the awareness (most of the time) that I am within my power and making a choice. I commit (also to myself) that I will not use it as I did historically to chastise myself mentally, emotionally, or physically. 

The Process of Abundance

This has all been a PROCESS. A LIFELONG process that I will continue to appreciate, share, and guide others in for a long, long time. It takes commitment, focus, and a VERY jagged path. 

I focus on Abundance rather than Victimhood (because I am an adult and have been for decades), and immerse myself in communities that choose to Remember. We are responsible for each decision that we make in every moment that WE make them. Please don’t waste the time you have here–because none of us ever knows how much we have been allotted. And isn’t that glorious? 


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