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The Universe Has Your Back

I often listen to Audible (or podcasts, if I’m not rocking out to a shared Spotify playlist) while driving alone. A few months back, I was listening to Gabby Bernstein read her book The Universe Has Your Back Before she speaks publicly, Gabby often grounds herself through meditation. This practice gives her the power to deeply connect with her audience regardless of whether or not they even speak the language she is presenting in. The energy behind the frequency of her confidence is enough to link them all together.

Wordless translations

Once, before a particularly intimidating appearance for a large crowd in Germany, she stood momentarily silent as she envisioned herself with expansive angel wings. Her wings reached out far behind her, filling the space as they internally lifted–and lit–her up. As she began to speak, the crowd gradually removed the headphones that had been translating her English into their German.

Your presence

The audience listened, absorbing her content with ease through the vibration of her voice as she spoke. Later that evening she was approached by a woman she knew who had attended the event. “Gabby,” she said, “when you took the stage today your presence radiated a calm energy throughout the entire venue. It was as if you were wearing the wings of an angel”.

People with angel wings

While I processed this story I began to consider the lightness of being she had activated. (To be honest, initially, the image of John Travolta in the movie “Michael” flashed in my head, his wings heavy and strong, so ALIVE). I realized that when I imagined my own set of angel wings, I picture them this way, too. They glide through space as though saturated in divine assurance. When I close my eyes and stay quiet, I envision their power stretching into space as they reach out far beyond my body, supporting me mentally through their physical presence.

How to grow angel wings

We all have our own set of permanent angel wings. Always there, always have been. At times they may lie silently dormant, yet they are available to support us all in whatever capacity we need them in–as long as we REMEMBER that they exist.


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