What Nourishes You?

When you think about what nourishes you, what comes to mind? Is it ego-based (“I should…”, or  “I’ve got this…”)? Is it the awful posters hanging in high school health classes? (Does anybody else have a visceral reaction to this memory?) Is it Kale? (A quick reference to one of my favorite Reel audios to date.)

Maybe you’ve created or reframed a positive reference point for yourself. For example, a career path that’s deeply fulfilling. The relationships you have cultivated with people who celebrate You with you. A walk with your dog by the lake. Journaling, drawing, swimming, skating, joke-telling…

Primary Food

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to the parts of life that feed our body, mind, and spirit off of the plate as sources of primary food. Primary food supports well-being. This includes Creativity, Spirituality, Joy, Social Life, Relationships, Home Environment, Home Cooking, Physical Activity, Health, Education, Career, and Finances. It lights me up to participate in a program that accentuates the relevance of my quality of life over the random rules I have placed on myself in the past regarding the food on my plate (and the number on the scale).

I am currently blogging, creating content, throwing and building pots, and playing Houzz (we are in the process of downsizing) to nourish Creativity. (I am still building my merch shop as well, and as April is National Donate Life Month, all proceeds will go to Student Organ Donation Advocates (SODA). Ashtanga Yoga is my daily (ish) Spirituality and Physical Activity. Really connecting with our kids and being present with my husband brings me Joy, adds to the fulfillment of my Relationship cup, and also satisfies my Home Environment. My IIN Health Coach training checks the Education box (as well as doubling up on Joy, Career, Finances, and Health).

My work representing and selling Kangen Water and dōTERRA products adds to the foundation of my and my family’s overall health and wellness. It not only checks the Career box, but again nourishes my Health, Joy, Relationships, Education, Finances, Social Life, and Creativity. (Boom!) For me, Home Cooking is the area that needs the most attention. I am picturing, planning (and manifesting) my own, raised vegetable garden at our new house to support this long-time, long-term goal. 

Secondary Food

Secondary food is the food we eat every day. (This is not to be confused with the act of Home Cooking which is considered a Primary Food). IIN’s Secondary Food Method emphasizes that physical nourishment is both bio-individual and supportive of multidimensional well-being. This means that what nourishes each of our bodies, minds, and souls is different. Clearly, what works for mine may not work for yours–and Joy is also a central tenant in this. There are many pieces to choose from to complete our own puzzles. We are each only committed to them as they resonate with us today.


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